Tom Walter

Custom metal & woodwork

Need a place to park a lighted torch. Simple stand to hold is securely.  

Need to rapidly drill holes for nut plates.  Use some tool steel, drill, heat, quench, temper. Custom drill jig faster than going on line and ordering a $30 tool

Simple tool with the plate shear. 

Allows 0.050” tabs to be cut rapidly by sliding material into shear, and cutting. Saves time.

Planes will have a variety of instrument panels over their life time.  With a little planning ahead, simple to make up easily replaced inserts.

Holding a AN742 clamp while getting a screw started is a difficult chore. Simple modification, and becomes easy

Meco Torch Holder

Instrument panel

Rapid  cutting reference

Drill Jig

Adel Clamp Holder

Project List